Confessions of a Science Geek

Did you know I’m a self-confessed science geek? If you’ve met me, I’m pretty sure you do. In fact, it becomes a little obvious when you read my near-science fiction trilogy (science-based speculative fiction that feels like it could happen now in our modern world) and my current WIP, which is a science fantasy time-slip parallel narrative. What may surprise you is that there have been times I’ve been at reader-writer events and felt like a fish out of water.

What may also surprise you is that science fiction isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. (I know, right?) At some events I not only have to explain what my techno-thriller novels are about, I find myself talking a lot about the genre and where my novels fit. But not this weekend just gone!

Have you heard of Oz Comic-Con? I had, but until science-fiction author friend, Lynne Stringer, and fantasy/science fiction author friend, Jeanette O’Hagan, contacted me, I didn’t realise the event had anything to do with books. How wrong I was—and it’s been a blast.

My enjoyment of this event was for multiple reasons. It was my first Oz Comic-Con and I was there with friends. Writers, if you’re ever going to a new event as an exhibitor, consider sharing your stall (if possible) with an author friend or two in a suitable genre. Not only could we take breaks and cover for each other (we even got to meet & greet with other stall exhibitors), we found if one of us didn’t have the type of story a reader was interested in, the other might, and usually did. The other fantastic factor was the attendees spoke our language!

Now, I’ve been to signings or events where there are heaps of booklovers in attendance, but rarely have I spoken to so many people with an interest in science at a single event, let alone science fiction. In fact, if the attendees who visited our stall weren’t into science fiction, they were into fantasy—or both! Sure, I still had to tell people about my stories, but it was amazing having them so familiar with a genre they’d break in partway to clarify exactly where the novels fit. Some knew just the sort of books they liked and were happy to try a new author like me (or Jeanette or Lynne). (Happy author heart … Love sharing stories with people who are excited about reading them. <3 <3)

The other fantastic factor, and the one that remains the highlight whatever event I’m attending, were the people. SO many new faces and stories (life-stories, that is) and some seriously cool names. And then there were the amazing costumes. Like, wow!

Folks, I think I’ve found my literary tribe. Don’t worry readers, I won’t neglect my other author connections, but honestly, this was serious fun. Next time you’ll have to come along for the ride!

13 thoughts on “Confessions of a Science Geek

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Adele. And from what I could see of the red dress, you looked lovely.

    • Thanks for your comment, Janelle. It was fun, and in the spirit of matching my book character, I even painted my fingernails and toe nails!!!! :O

  2. Yes, there’s no doubt it was a great weekend, if a little exhausting. It was great to be among our tribe. I’ll have to find time to blog about it myself …

    • I look forward to reading your blog when you post it, Lynne. Thanks for sharing the table and the fun of Oz Comic-Con 2017. 🙂

    • Hi Christine, Oz Comic-Con is really a pop culture celebration of all things speculative fiction, so think Star Wars, Stargate, Dr Who etc. Attendees get dressed up in amazing costumes and get to see their favourite stars, who as invited guests participate in signings, interviews and general sessions. We were there as part of the exhibitors hall. A really fun event.

  3. Sounds like your new tribe are out of this world when not delving into its scientific curiosities! Glad you had such a good time. While I haven’t quite caught the full-blown Sci-Fi bug, I do love splashing around at the edges of reality.

    • It really was fun, Mazzy. And pleased you’re daring enough to paddle at the water’s edge. Who knows, you might even dive in for a quick dip on occasion. 🙂

  4. Lol. Looking forward to your sci-fi book, Nola.

    Adele it was a seriously fantastic week-end for all the reasons you mentioned – and the cosplay. Fun talking to so many interesting people and readers of Spec-Fic. Thanks to you and Lynne for making such an awesome team.

    • It sure was, Jeanette! Thanks again to you and Lynne for inviting me alone for the ride. 🙂

  5. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Sorry I missed it. Will definitely have to get there next year. I know lots of people are passionate readers, but there’s something about sci-fi/fantasy readers that’s different (and not just the Star Wars costumes) 🙂 If they like a story, they’ll go all out with costumes, fan fiction, artwork etc. Would be great to be in such a keen tribe. I wonder what the chances are of me finishing a sci-fi book in time for next year’s event? Thanks for sharing.

    • I can’t wait to see your costume, Nola! You’d have a blast. And why not write another novel before next year? (But maybe you’d best get the current one finished first. No sweat, right? 😉 )

      • I’m looking forward to Nola’s sci-fi novel too 🙂 Before we know it, she may be writing fantasy- or at least a fairy tale retelling 🙂 😉

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