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Trust the science – unless your life depends on it.

Blaine Colton had been handed a genetic death sentence until revolutionary gene therapy changed his life. Living a relatively normal existence, he is called to an unscheduled post-treatment appointment just weeks before his eighteenth birthday. Informed that his life saving procedure was never approved, he is held against his will for his status as an apparent illegal GMO. Subjected to constant testing, refused contact with his parents and deprived of life sustaining medication, Blaine begins to suspect that something is wrong. Wanting answers, he escapes the Institute and ambitious Chief Scientist, Dr Melissa Hartfield. Now a fugitive with a failing body, Blaine must find Professor Ramer, the developer of his therapy. But the Professor has vanished and time is running out. Fast.

ISBN: 9781925139099

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Readers on Integrate:

I loved the Brisbane setting and the fact that I knew some of the areas that Blaine was running around. I also liked the way I was not 100% sure if Blaine was being paranoid or if people really were out to get him. ~Cate, Goodreads review

Adele Jones’ Integrate had me hooked from the first page. I was intrigued by what was happening to Blaine and had to know if he was going to escape all the forces that were against him and be free to live his new life. Highly recommended. ~Lynne Stringer, author

A truly engaging tale. As I raced along with Blaine and his adventures, I shared his uncertainties and anxieties. I cared what happened to him and I am looking forward to the sequel. ~Majella Albion, PhD. Reader, retired academic, and talent of all things creative

A thought provoking novel where the value of human life is set against the power engendered by scientific knowledge. It raises ethical questions which challenge you to think about medical interventions that could be faced in our time. Fast paced, with realistic characters that remind you of someone you know. ~Pamela Heemskerk, writer and health professional

This is an excellent novel for young adults, based around scientific research and set in Australia. Just enough information is given to intrigue us all the way through, with an ‘edge of your seat’ quality that keeps us turning pages. ~Paula Vince, Australian fiction author


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