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ActivatemedOn November 1, ‘Activate’ final book in the Blaine Colton young adult techno-crime thriller trilogy, was released. Yay!!!! Celebration time for sure. But a thought has been edging into my mind that once the buzz of launches, signings and visits settles, I’ll be writing … Well, what will I be writing?!

Yes, I do have works in progress. I also have a quandary.

Somehow, after completing the trilogy, one of the characters in ‘Activate’ got a life all their own. So I’ve found myself halfway through a spin off story. But there’s also a story that’s been on the backburner for … well … a while. Originally penned for the general adult fiction market, I’m rewriting it as a YA. It really does seem to be working, but it’s also a challenging project. Meaning, it will take time to get it right.

Perhaps I need to admit to myself that there might be a teensy bit of laziness factoring into that equation. You see, project ‘old-made-new’ has historical elements I’ll have to squish back into whatever grey matter I have remaining in the crevices of my head. You know what that means? Lots of research i.e. lots of extra work. And well, the speculative SciFi angle the spin off is taking, doesn’t have quite so many restrictions.

My brain says something new. (Hang, my publisher probably does too. LOL.) But those characters have a way of sneaking into your mind and pulling on your heart strings.

There’s one group I haven’t asked yet. You! 🙂

What would you do? More of the same or something different. Or would you do the crazy juggle I used to, of writing multiple novels at once? Hit me with your thoughts! It would be great to hear your angle.

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  1. Interesting choice, Adele. As I’m in the throes of an historical novel, I feel your pain. Egad there’s a ton of work. And when you’ve finished the ton of work, you discover a whole other layer of stuff you need to research. However, if it speaks to your heart, the pain is worth it to have that lovely historical novel out there for the world to see.

    The whole ‘marketing and branding’ thing is interesting too. If people pick up the historical one because they liked the ‘Integrate’ series, will they be disappointed that it’s different? But on the other hand, you will also pick up new fans who like that genre more.

    As a fan of the ‘Integrate’ series, I’d be interested in spin-offs with other characters. However, I think there can be a danger in getting something out there too quickly because the audience is waiting for it. I loved Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series and eagerly bought the spin-off ‘Fairest’ which gave the back story of the evil queen. However, I was really disappointed with it because it was a totally different feel to the other books in the series and I felt like a lot of it had already been alluded to in the other books. But from what you’ve told me, your spin-off does take a new angle and sounds really interesting.

    So the upshot of all that is … write both and maybe have a third in the mix as well so that you don’t get bored in those milliseconds when you don’t have something on 🙂 Looking forward to your next book, whatever it is 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder of how much is involved in that historical factor, Nola … And sure, why not write another novel while I’m at it – just in case I get bored. LOL. Will keep you informed. And all the best with yours.

    • Thanks, Lynne. I know you’ve recently done this battle. Great to see your ‘something new’ (i.e. Once Confronted) hit the shelves.

  2. Personally, if I were you, I would keep writing the spin-off while researching the historical. I think it is helpful to have multiple projects (at different stages of their lifespan) simmering.

    From a marketing point of view, they both have merit, because the spin-off already has a ready-made audience for it, but a book unrelated to the existing series gives you another entry-point to hook in new readers.

    (and speaking purely as a reader, I think the world needs more sci-fi written by Aussie Christian authors, so even if you put it aside for now, make sure you come back to it lol)

    • Good reasoning, Adam. Though I’m detecting a slight bias towards SciFi. (One would suspect you’re of the SciFi author variety. 😉 ) One of the main struggles I hit with a recent ‘exterminate’ editing session (should never edit when tired), was I felt the original purpose for which I’d written the historical fantasy had changed substantially. I think it would help to go back to this and redefine the ultimate goal of the main characters in the work, and the purpose of the novel itself. As you suggest, I could try and keep the SciFi ticking along as I nut that out. Decisions, decisions. 🙂

  3. Oh, so many choices! My own brain would say, ‘Run, run away! Do not under any circumstances go back to an old story!’ Except, that is exactly what I am attempting. Maybe that’s the reason for the thought lol!
    Try something new – something different. What does your heart tell you?

    • LOL! What about a slow jog? After deleting a ridiculous number of scenes lately and deciding the entire ‘old’ one is rubbish, I took another look the other night and realised I should have taken my own advice and not edited tired. I’m hoping there’s enough fresh voice in this to bring life to the poor old thing. But then, I really could run wild with that SciFi thread … Sigh …

  4. As a fan or as a writer? As a fan – a spin off from the trilogy sounds perfect 🙂 Though, of course, a new-old historical YA by Adele Jones would still tempt me. As a writer – again the spin-off would make sense though sometimes you have to follow the muse (which one is catching your imagination the most). Still, as I’ve currently got far too many novels in various states of completion – or non-completion (well, I did think one was complete but apparently not so), I can’t see anything wrong with having two on the go 🙂

    • Ah, see that’s the exact conflict I’m having. Reader vs writer. The spin off was flowing beautifully until life whacked itself into the middle of things. So, I changed tack and started on the ‘new-old’ ms. Hmmm you’re not helping! (And neither am I! LOL.) The bonus is at least the old-new ms has had plenty of time in a drawer for me to think about it. (Even if it’s a virtual drawer.) 🙂 Will see where I end up.

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